• ... is experienced and skilled. Our teachers complete a comprehensive training course on our standards, policies, and curriculum. Teachers are also extensively trained on child care practices and milestone development.

  • ... is well vetted. The health and safety of all children is our highest priority. Therefore, prior to employment, each teacher's references are checked, credentials are verified, and a criminal background check is completed.
  • ... is state certified and meets all child-care requirements. Mandatory First Aid and CPR courses are provided annually to ensure the well-being and safety of each child.

  • ... is held to high standards. Our teachers are routinely evaluated throughout the year by supervisors to ensure and maintain a high standard of care.

  • ... is dedicated. For our teachers, early childhood education is not only a career but also their passionate life's work. At Kiddie Corner Academy, our teachers recognize and welcome the responsibility in helping to educate, inspire, and nurture our nation's future.
  • ... is your partner. We believe in developing strong partnerships with families and working together to help children achieve their goals and reach their full potential.Our teachers are committed to providing daily parent-teacher communication and working with parents to ensure their child's individual needs are being met.

  • ... is caring and compassionate. Our teachers recognize that each child is unique with individual talents, needs, and personalities. Our teachers are dedicated to creating a nurturing and loving environment where each child can feel safe and secure to freely express themselves, play, learn, and develop at their own pace.