At Kiddie Corner Academy, we believe healthy and nutritious meals are vital to a child's development, growth, and learning. This is why we are proud to participate in the Child Care Food Program. As part of the Child Care Food Program,  we provide FREE wholesome and satisfying meals (breakfast, lunch, and afternoon snack) to ALL children enrolled at our school. As part of our food program:

  •    We provide three well-balanced, age-appropriate, and properly

portioned meals daily.

  •    Our weekly menus vary each week to keep children satisfied and happy

with their meals. Our menus are posted monthly and available for viewing in our school.  

  •    All meals at Kiddie Corner Academy meet the meal patterns established

by the US Department of Agriculture and regulated by Florida Department of Health.

  •    Children with specific dietary needs (due to allergies, vegetarianism,

religious beliefs, etc) may still be able to participate in the Child Care Food Program if substitutions that meet dietary requirements by the CCFP can be made. If no viable substitutions are available, then parents must provide all meals and snacks. Parents are encouraged to discuss their child's dietary needs and provide a doctor's note if applicable.