APPLE (Accredited Professional Preschool Learning Environment) is a national early learning program accreditation. With over 1,000 accredited programs and many more engaged in the process, APPLE is one of the largest accrediting agency for early learning centers. As an APPLE accredited preschool, parents can rest assured their child is cared for in a high quality insitution that meets Florida's highest standard of care.

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In 1996, The Florida Legislature established the Gold Seal Quality Care program to acknowledge child care facilities that are accredited by nationally recognized agencies and whose standards reflect quality in the level of care and supervision provided to children. Kiddie Corner Academy is honored to hold Florida's distinguished Gold Seal of Excellence.

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Florida Association for Child Care Management (FACCM) is a professional organization of providers dedicated to ensuring quality in the early learning industry through advocacy, education, and accreditation. FACCM is unique in its approach to fulfilling its mission statement, in that the board is made up of owners, operators and child advocates who walk in the same shoes as the members.

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